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16th April 2018


Match Group Dinner 20th April ''CANCELLED''


Quick reminder the free meal for the match group this Friday 20th April has been cancelled.

Alternative arrangements may be made, any suggestions please phone Mike.


14th April 2018


Work Party Tomorrow Sunday 15th


Last minute reminder we have a work party at Forty Hall tomorrow morning.

Meet 8.30am at the banqueting suite.

That is go passed the car park to the end of the lane.

See you there.



12th April 2018


Match Group Dinner 20th April ''CANCELLED''


Due to the number of guys that could not make it, we have cancelled the evening.

Alternative arrangements will be made, any suggestions please phone Mike.


Work Party Forty Hall


There is a work party this Sunday at Forty Hall.

Hopefully we can get the boat down which will allow us to get at the trees that have come down from the island.

Usual needs - Boots, gloves any garden tools that may be of help.


LAA Membership


I have at last sorted the reduced price membership tickets.

I have already taken money for these from some members at last years prices.

Due to me not paying attention at the LAA AGM the prices were increased.

However the club will keep the prices at 2017 / 18 level for the moment.

These are:


Senior ticket £36 instead of £49 (Saving £13)

Partners £52 instead of £70 (Saving £15)

OAP & Disabled £23 instead of £30 (Saving £7)


If you are applying for a LAA ticket go to the MEMBERSHIP page click on the green box at the top of the page and print off a copy and cross out the new prices shown on the application form and insert the price shown above.


5th April 2018


Work Party Turnford


There is a work party this Sunday (8th April) at Turnford. We had a few turn out on the last party but not enough.

Can you please try and help out. Nearly all of the other clubs in the consortium either make an extra charge (up to £40) to members that do not do a work party, one club even says two work parties or you will not be allowed to rejoin the next year.

We are the only club that relies on members good will, so please try to attend. I don't want to be like other clubs.

Bring the usual things - gloves and any tools you think may help. We hope to have some gravel and more timber ready 🙂🙂🙂


Membership 2018 / 19

I have at last got the new handbooks from the printers so it is full steam ahead with renewals.

Go to the MEMBERSHIP page click on the yellow box at the top and print off a copy of the form.

Fill it in and with a cheque (or postal order) plus your old membership card send it to the address on the bottom of the form.

You will receive your new set of cards with new combination numbers, handbook and photo card shortly after.

If you prefer to pay cash phone one of the two numbers at the bottom of the form for details.






28th March 2018


Tales From The Riverbank


Yes that means Steve is back.

Go to the ''Tales'' page.




23rd March 2018


Work Party This Sunday Coming Turnford


Meet 8.30am in the car park.

Please try and make it if you can.

For those of you of my generation that may remember.






20th March 2018


Work Party This Sunday Coming Turnford


The party at Turnford last Sunday did not happen the snow weather forecast ( not true in the end ) keeping members at home.

We have arranged one for this coming Sunday.

The one at Fishers green planned for Sunday is cancelled due a fun run ( see fishers green web site ) taking place.

Please try and support it especially those names I see regularly on the Bailiff reports.

With membership at £50 ( £40 concessions, £10 12-16 year olds) there is not enough in the pot to pay a contractor to keep your swims open.


18th March 2018


Car Parking At Fishers Green


A few members have requested clarification on the parking at the Green.


At the Stubbins Hall Lane entrance

As you enter the camera reads your number plate.

If you then go into the public park and stay you have one hour before you are charged.

If you proceed through the public park over the road bridge and through our combination locked gate a second camera reads your plate and you will not get charged.


At the Fishers Green Lane entrance

Unfortunately at present there is no concession to members on parking.

As you enter the car park your number plate will be read and you have only one ( 1 ) hour free parking.



The cameras read in and out and tickets for charges are generated automatically.

This means you will not get one hour ''static parking'' but one hour between triggering the camera in and out.


Updates to this will appear on this page as they are announced.


15th March 2018


River Close Season


A quick heads up to save confusion the river close season imposed by law and enforced by the Environment Agency started at midnight last night.

The river will be patrolled by our bailiffs and there will be visits by the E A bailiffs.

The fines imposed in a court of law are getting bigger every year and a criminal record follows.

Please don't chance it, fish the pits and lakes that are open.

Remember the close season is 15th to 15th inclusive.


12th March 2018


Work Party Turnford Next Sunday


Our Second work party at Turnford this  year will be on Sunday 18th.

If you are doing an overnighter you must be out of your swim all cleared up by 8am.

No excuses. I've overslept or thought it was just rods in, It is completely out of the swim.

Don't let the club down I think we are the only club with a clean record on this rule.

If you intend staying for the work party and fishing on after you can reel in pack your gear clear so any work on that swim can be done  informing Stu of your intentions and booking in.

Materials are ready for swim repairs.

If you have any suitable tools for building work or tree work please bring them along .

Stu Clinton our head bailiff for Turnford will be there and in charge please book in with him, Club name, Your name, and membership number.


26th February 2018


Parking at Fishers Green


Below is a copy of the reply to us from Gary Smith the head of the Lea Valley Regional Parks Fisheries Department.

Gary is not responsible for anything to do with the new charges he is fighting for our access so please do not contact him, the contact points are listed below.


As Iíve spoken to many of you over the last few days and promised some facts this is officially all I have been informed at this point in time.


Fishers Green


  1. Cameras: 1st Camera logs vehicle moment in of all,  2nd Camera logs movement of Anglers vehicles: FGC members, N.Met Pit Members. Plus Environment Agency Staff, HMWT, Wildlife rescue, Parks Patrol, Contractors, and all visitors to the National Grid. 3rd Camera logs all movement of visitors to F/Green Sailing Club, therefore any vehicles not appearing on cameras 2 & 3 will be charged as they will be logged as using the main car park.


  1. I am told we shall explore the secondary/inner car park option inside the anglers gate, however I am certain this will need a planning application to both EFDC and Natural England, therefore will take a time to process.


  1. Unfortunately all vehicles going into the main Fishers Green Car Park (see 1) will be charged after one hour commencing 9th March 2018


  1. This applies anytime during any 24 hour period.


Hooks Marsh


  1. I am currently in contact with the Corporation of London regarding the use of the Police Pit Car Park at the bottom right of Fishers Green Lane.


  1. I am told there may be the option to explore the possibility of using a section of Chapmans Field on Left hand side going down Fishers Green Lane however this as in 2) will require planning permission. Unfortunately I start from this point in time in regard to submission of the relevant planning applications which shall require both assistance and cooperation from others within the Authority.


Finally if any persons approach you regarding information or how to make submission of a complaint, this is where these should be directed: or Tel: 03000 030 610


18th February 2018




At last the Fishers Green footbridge at the picnic area is at last open.


12th February 2018


Work Party Turnford


Our first work party  in February will be at Turnford on Sunday 25th.

If you are doing an overnighter you must be out of your swim all cleared up by 8am.

'No excuses I've overslept, or thought it was just rods in. It is completely out of the swim.

Don't let the club down I think we are the only club with a clean record on this rule.

Materials are ready for swim repairs.

If you have any suitable tools for building work or tree work please bring them along.

Stu Clinton, our head bailiff for Turnford, will be there and in charge. Please book in with him, club name, your name and membership number.


Work Party Fishers Green


Our first work party in March 2018 at the Green will be the the weekend of Saturday 24th and Sunday25th.

This is open to all members

Remember it is your responsibility to book in with the The Fishery Manager   giving your name, club and club number

As always we do need members to muck in and give a hand, this may be litter picking through to cutting up timbers

The Fishery Manager will have a list of jobs to do to suit members of all abilities

Tools will be available but bring any tools you have that you think may be of use

Please don't attend if all you want to do is stand around and talk distracting working guys.

More details will appear nearer the time but please make a note of the dates in your diary or being more with it on your mobiles with reminders leading up to either date.





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