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21st August 2017




I would just like to say a big thank you to the many members that have phoned since my op especially those that have called in to do shopping (as I was due to be away) and change my dressings as I could not get out.

Last time I had an op on the spine I was walking in 24 hours but this time it has been 100 hours to today when I can just venture upstairs or outside.

It has really knocked me this time meaning I have missed out on my annual week on the side of the river Severn with my usual group of mates and a big sorry to them (no Shepard's pie this year lads).

Maybe next one at the end of September.


13th August 2017


Work Party Fishers Green


Next Thursday we are having a second work party on the river above the top car park.

The parks' fishery team will be there with the boat and the chainsaw getting to grips with the trees that have fallen in or over the river first job will be around swim 9.

We need all the help we can get to pull out the branches as they cut them off.

Gloves advisable.

Meet top car park at 8.30am.


The river above the top car park will be closed from 8am till around 1pm.


29th July 2017


Barbel Quest At The Green


Andy Childs


I had a phone call the other week from a good mate Dennis Poole suggesting that we meet at The Green as he'd had a couple of good Barbel (14+and 13+) and seen a few others. We met later that week pre dawn and spent a good few hours just walking the river looking for fish. That morning we spotted 5 Barbel and 9 chub but despite our best efforts another blank was chalked up for both of us. I decided to have another go and rang him but he'd just started a job and was busy. I went alone covering much of the same ground but didn't see a thing. I then explored an area off the beaten track and saw a chub estimated in excess of 7lb. I fed a handful of pellet and continued looking for another hour or so. Seeing nothing I returned to the chub swim, glanced down to my left and saw a Barbel, easily in to double figures. Another handful went in and a larger fish lifted into view. A rig was very carefully swung into the darker water and an hour later I hooked the smaller fish only to loose it in a snag.. I trickled in some feed and glimpsed the orange of pectoral fin. Another rig was tied and swung out. An hour passed without any signs and then the rod just folded over . This fish was even more powerful and just ripped line off the pin. Just as I was thinking it was under control the hook pulled. I finished the day with a chub of 6lb, a good fish had I caught it trotting on my float rod... I can't remember the last time I had two bites over there in a session let alone loose two fish. I couldn't wait to get back and I returned today more in hope than expectation. A good look in the swim revealed nothing so I fed it ,left my gear and went off searching again. I fed a couple of other swims, came back to find three Barbel grubbing about. Once again I tied a fresh rig with 2 x 12mm boilies wrapped in matching paste, upped the hook size to a seven and quietly swung it into position. An hour passed in the blink of an eye, the tip nodded and the rod flew round, pin screamed and I was on it in a flash. I saw the fish clearly as it tore off downstream and out of sight. It made the sanctuary of the same snag and once again everything went solid.. Pulling was futile, so I placed the rod in the rest and prayed it would swim out. The minutes ticked by and to my amazement the tip nodded and she was out!. In the net she looked big but was on her side and clearly exhausted. I nursed her back to upright and left her to recover. On the scales she went 14.11 and to my delight and relief swam away strongly.. Thanks again to Dennis for the inspiration.


28th July 2017


Work Party Fishers Green


Next Thursday we are having a work party on the river above the top car park.

The parks' fishery team will be there with the boat and the chain saw getting to grips with the trees that have fallen in or over the river.

We need all the help we can get to pull out the branches as they cut them off.

Gloves advisable.

Meet top car park 8.30am


The river above the top car park will be closed from 8am till around 1pm.


27th July 2017


Forty Hall Inter Club Match


The inter club match on Sunday is cancelled Palmers Green have pulled out at the last minute.

All the talk by certain members of their team about revenge for their thrashing last year seems to have been hot air.


18th July 2017


Holiday Venue


Today I had an MRI, the 4th in 4 weeks, the operator in conversation talked about her parents Carp and Tench lakes at Crediton in Devon. Two spring fed 18th century estate lakes on day ticket

I don't know it but it looks good both in size of Carp and especially Tench.

They do do residence accommodation.

Might be of interest for holiday visit.


14th July 2017


Work Party


Due to unforeseen circumstances this Sundays' work party at Forty Hall has been cancelled.

We will look at another possible date and notify via this page and the Forty Hall Facebook page if it is possible.


12th July 2017


Work Party


This Sunday we have a work party at Forty Hall.

With several swims needing attention and a tree to sort out we really need all the help we can get.

Please try and help.

We meet at 8.00am in the banqueting car park. That is straight on passed the public car park to the end of the roadway.

Ring Ron or me for any more info.


Inter Club Forty Hall Match


Three Sunday times we have the inter club match at Forty Hall.

We won last year despite one club saying we cheated because a first place in one section weighed in a pike in their catch but there were no rules saying pike were off limits if they took a piece of meat meant for pike and were landed. They want revenge as historically before we joined the Consortium they were the strongest club.

8am Draw at swim 24.

Fish 8.30am to 2.30pm

Ring Ron or me for any more info.

(It was me by the way that had the Pike).


11th June 2017


Walk The River Saturday 10th June


The river walkabout proved a great success with some thirty anglers from a number of the consortium clubs enjoying the morning sun.

The river looked good, a nice summer level, clear and running well with one or two of its bigger inhabitants putting on a show.

Swims were highlighted, advice on how best to fish the river in its various guises and suggested rigs, bait and feeding were all outlined and discussed.

The very positive feedback from those who attended was good to hear and everybody went away infused, impatiently looking forward to next Friday 16th.

The bailiff team are not there just to check tickets, many successfully fish the river throughout the season and will be pleased to offer advice and tips.

There are personal bests for most of us in the river; last season saw Barbel to 16lb 2oz, Chub to 8lb 4oz, Perch to 3lbs 15oz and Dace to 12oz plus good Pike, Tench, Roach and Bream showing.

There are bigger yet still to be caught!

Have a memorable season; hope to see you on the bank soon.


6th June 2017


Walk the river SATURDAY 10th June


This SATURDAY sees the long awaited walkabout with bailiffs at the Green.

Everyone is invited, there is no charge.

Meet up in the mid (power station ) car park at 9am.

As some of you know due my detiriating health I retired as Secretary and Fishery manager of Fishers Green.

This will be a chance for you to meet up with the new Secretary Doug Howell, Fishery manager Eric Whorne and new Head bailiff Paul White and some of our regular bailiff team.

See the 17th April entry for bit more information or phone either number on the front of your card or me on 07989 817 316  /  0208 505 3215 Mike


Work Party Sunday 11th June


Following on from the walk the river day we have the last work party before the season starts.

Plenty of swims to be strimmed back and some high growth cleared.

The very recent rains and wind have closed down a few swims.

All the help you can give will be welcome.

I am sure Paul will be looking for names on Saturday, please help him and book in with him when you arrive on Sunday.


29th May 2017


Bridge Repairs Fishers Green


From 5th June to around the 26th June the footbridge between Seventy and Hooks Marsh will be closed for maintenance work.


22nd May 2017


Turnford Work Party


Sunday 25th June a work party is being arranged.

The parks have agreed to remove the tree on the right of swim 16 so the repair of the steps down needs sorting.

Timber has been sorted from the parks to sort these and also swim 15 all that is needed is manpower.


7th May 2017


Forty Hall Club Match


Due to lack of support the match was scrapped. Two members and two bailiffs turned up. We all fished as we had got our bait etc.

I had 3 carp 11.12lbs, 8.4lbs, and 10lbs. Unfortunately these were the only fish caught.


1st May 2017


Forty Hall Club Match This Coming Sunday 7th


This coming Sunday is our fun match at Forty Hall.

As said previous this is a very friendly day no big names or money, all about a relaxing days fishing.

It is free to enter and if you want to bring a friend that is 5.

If you want we will have an optional pool for 5 to add a bit of spice with winner takes all.


We will meet at the disabled swim (24) at 8.30am an fish 9am till 3pm.

All the normal rules on the card apply.

Call me if you have any questions




0208 505 3215 or 07989 817 316


25th April 2017


Forty Hall Club Match Sunday 7th


On Sunday 7th May we have our annual club match.

This is a very friendly day no big names or money, all about a relaxing days fishing.

It is free to enter and if you want to bring a friend that is 5.

We will have an optional pool for 5 to add a bit of spice with winner takes all.

Put the date in your diary.

More details nearer the time.


17th April 2017


Fishers Green Walkabout


On Saturday 10th June we are arranging a ''Walk The River'' with some of the long standing well informed bailiffs.

This guided tour is aimed at all members old and new and guests that would like to find out how and where to fish the river.

Put the date in your diary.

More details nearer the time.


Membership 2017 - 2018


Hollow memberships expired on the 30th March.


You will need a 2017/2018 membership card to fish or the bailiffs will report you and remove you from any fishery.


11th April 2017


Environmental Licences


These are coming through at last and most anglers should have theirs by the end of the week.


If you have paid for one and not had yours please give them a call next week.


If you have not yet sorted yours out make sure you do so before you go fishing.


They took a record number to court last season with fines up to 2,500 and a criminal record to boot.


Club Outing Sunday


The club outing this weekend 16th April is at Tylers Common.


If you want to join us please give me a call you will be made welcome ''no superstars'' here.


Mike  07989 817 316  or 0208 505 3215


For those that have not been there before it is five minutes from the junction of the A12 and the M25.


Nags Head Lane, Brentwood, Essex, RM14 1TS.


More info about the venue on


See our ''outings venue'' page as well


5th April 2017


Turnford Update And Work Party


A couple of questions were raised on this mornings' bailiff round.


    Rule19        2 night maximum on Railway until October 1st.

    Rule 23       No bivvies' or similar on Boot pit until 1 October.


Make sure you study the rules even if you think you know them.


Lots of fish moving around Lea, Boot and Railway.


Work party this Sunday 9th April, meet 8.30am in the car park.


29th March 2017


Membership 2017/2018


Hollow memberships expire this Friday 1st April.


Starting from Saturday you will need a 2017/2018 membership card to fish or bailiffs will report you an remove you from the fishery.


18th March 2017


Fallen Tree Fishers green










Now gone along with many others.


12th March 2017


Turnford Work Party


This coming Sunday sees the second work party at our Turnford fishery.

The weather is looking good.

Meet up in the car park starting at 8.30am finishing latest noon.

Boots or heavy shoes, gloves and any gardening tools that may be useful.

Hopefully I will get to meet all the members that fish the venue.

We really need help to get the swims cleared.

If you have any special things you would like to see actioned give me a call or talk at the car park before we start.




0208 505 3215 or 07989 817 316


6th February 2017


Society Monthly Meeting


Tomorrow, Tuesday 7th February, is our monthly meeting all welcome.


Start 8pm


Chingford United Services Club, 18 Kings Road, Chingford 4E 7EY


We will be discussing future meetings.


2nd February 2017


Fun Days 


As promised the fun days are near.

Due to the amount of branches thrown onto the ice at Forty hall we are having a clear up day on Saturday 11th.

The aim is now  that the ice has gone with the aid of rope grapples and rakes to pull out the branches that have blown in to the edge of the lake.

Meet at the far end of the roadway by the banqueting suite or by swim 24 at around 8.30am.

Boots, Gloves and any tools you think may help.


The next day Sunday, 12th February, we are at Turnford.

One of the jobs will be litter picking so if you have a picker bring it and a couple of black bags.

If you prefer to work on the swims any tools you think will be of help.

Meet at 8.30am in the car park.


Keep warm




0208 505 3215 or 07989 817 316


20th January 2017




Looks like all lakes are going to stay frozen this weekend time to earn brownie points at home with the partner.


Our match has been cancelled and phone calls around have drawn a frozen blank.


Fun days


Two fun days (work parties ) coming up in February.

Sunday 12th at Fishers Green and 26th at Turnford.

Lots to do and lots to learn about the waters.

Hope to see you there, I will remind you (pester you) again nearer the dates.


Keep warm




0208 505 3215 or 07989 817 316


13th January 2017


Fallen Tree At The Green


A large tree has come down and blocked the path (swim 8) just above the pylon swim at Fishers Green.

I advise you not to try and climb over it but if you do at your own risk take care.

The parks have been advised but as it is Friday I can not see it being looked at until next week.


4th January 2017


Subscriptions 2017/2018


For the last thirteen years the subscriptions rates have remained unchanged something not many clubs or businesses can boast. As a result our membership has grown giving us a healthy set of accounts.


At the AGM it was agreed a time for a reward to members, so for this coming season we are reducing ''Yes that's right, REDUCING'' our subs.


Adult                                                   from 56    down to 50

OAP and Disabled                           from 44    down to 40

12 to 16 years of age                                                            10

Under 12                                                                                  Free

A new category was created

Match only ticket                                                                   30




Hollow Angling Society 2017