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Archived NEWS prior January 2020










2nd March 2021


Sad News


It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of our father and club secretary Michael Smith.

He passed away yesterday (1st March) at 4.40pm.

As per his wish the club will continue for the upcoming season to current members, free of charge.

However no new members will be accepted, see the below post.

Many thanks

Darren & Jonathan Smith


20th February 2021


Important - Next Season and Club Closure


Due to my ill health I am making arrangements to close Hollow Angling Society.

But to thank members I am arranging for free memberships to existing members and bailiffs, no new members will be accepted from now on.

You must fill in an application form crossing out £50 and you must include your photo-card from 2020/2021.

No photo-card means no membership, no excuses.

Derek has been told to be very strict. No arguments please.

This will start at the end of March when Derek gets Turnford and Fishers tickets we have EAC ones.

In order to qualify for this free membership you must be a current member. No new memberships are being accepted for the 2020/2021 season.

Many thanks

Mike Smith (Club Secretary)



27th January 2021


Fishery Update


Fishers Green, Turnford, Woodlands Lake and Boxers Lake are all open during daylight hours only.

This means off the water as the light goes.

Travel only locally, one person per car unless you're from the same household.

Social distancing rules apply, that means one person per swim.

Anyone breaking the government rule(s) will face a ban.

Keep watching this site as the rules keep changing.


Parking Permits


Those of you with parking permits check the dates as it appears the 'Parking eye' do not send out reminders.

I suggest dates are put in your diary or phone.


7th January 2021


Latest Covid Update


Lea Valley are still making up their mind about when their waters will be open.

It will be that access is daylight hours only, not 8pm on the river at the Green.

Forty Hall is open daylight hours but watch the times on the car park opening.

Boxers Lake is open daylight hours.

Keep watching this site as it keeps changing.


5th January 2021 *** UPDATE ***


Latest Covid Update


Ignore all previous posts.

All fisheries in England now closed until further notice.


5th January 2021


 Latest Covid Update


Waiting on confirmation, but it seems we will be ok to fish observing social distancing rules.

Only those living in the same household allowed to mix.

Any member found ignoring the social distancing rules will be banned there will be no exceptions or second chances.

Watch this site for any updates or clarification put out by the authorities.


21st December 2020


Tier 4 Update






More info when available.




We have now gone through the new COVID-19 Guidelines for Tier 4 (19th December) but the regulations are not yet published and we will want to run them past our lawyers. However, given the huge number of enquiries on this we are happy to issue this initial interpretation for the benefit of anglers, angling clubs and fisheries who now find themselves in a Tier 4 area.

In line with the 2nd national lockdown the Government have banned virtually all grass roots sporting competitions in Tier 4 areas. So unfortunately, and regardless of the ability to run angling competitions with no form of ‘gathering’, the new laws mean that any form of competition, including more than two people from different households, is prohibited.

However, fishing with one other person from outside your household is allowed.

The Guidance states: “People can also exercise outdoors or visit some public outdoor places, such as parks, the countryside, public gardens or outdoor sports facilities. You can continue to do unlimited exercise alone, or in a public outdoor place with your household, support bubble, or one other person.”

On travelling - you can leave home for the purpose of: “spending time or exercising outdoors. This should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel a short distance within your Tier 4 area to do so if necessary (for example, to access an open space)”


Full Government Guidance here





12th December 2020


Turnford - Level Crossing Closure


There is a closure taking place on the 17th - 18th December between the hours of 1am - 4.45am on both days.

As usual with these things allow for overruns on both days.

The railway are doing a survey of some sort.

It should not be a problem as no doubt you will be asleep as will the fish.



24th November 2020




We have now closed the membership for this season.

We will start accepting applications in February ready for the new tickets ready in late March.

The new season starts 1st April 2021.

Watch this page for next seasons prices (which won't be higher but certain reductions will apply).



4th November 2020


Covid-19 rules from the Angling Trust








"Fish safely, locally and respect the ‘rule of two’ during lockdown"


Having now examined the government’s new Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No. 4) Regulations the Angling Trust is pleased to be able to offer some initial guidance and interpretation to anglers and fishery providers. Our formal guidelines will be published following further consultation with colleagues at Sport England and DCMS once Parliament has debated the regulations today and passed them into law.

Overall the Angling Trust is pleased that ministers have recognised the value of allowing angling and some other forms of outdoor recreation to continue through the forthcoming lockdown period. However, the new rules are more complicated than we had hoped and anglers should be fully aware of what we can and can’t do in the next 28 days.


How to Fish

The regulations are clear and you can only leave home to fish with members of your own household, your support bubble or with one other individual. The Rule of Six is now effectively the Rule of Two for most of us. The tightening of the rules on ‘gatherings’ means that match fishing or any other organised fishing event is prohibited by law during lockdown. However, competitive fishing will be able to resume once there is a return to the three tier system of restrictions.

On this basis we can announce that all Angling Trust competitions are suspended for the period covering 5th November – 2nd December 2020.


Where to Fish

Angling is deemed a permissible form of ‘outdoor recreation’, and a lawful reason to leave home. It can take place, without time limits, within the provision allowing people  “to visit a public outdoor space for the purposes of open air recreation”.

A ‘public outdoor space’ is defined as an ‘outdoor place to which the public have, or are permitted, access (whether on payment or otherwise).’ We believe this clearly includes riverbanks, towpaths, beaches and stillwaters that can either be accessed freely or on the payment of a day ticket or subscription levied by the owner or leased to a publicly available fishing association. The government clearly intends for people to be able to take their outdoor exercise and recreation in the form of angling and these regulations allow this to occur.

Fisheries are not on the published list of businesses that the government has ordered to close and there is no reason that they should do so providing that they operate in accordance with the rules

It does not permit club outings or organised amateur sporting activities of any sort. All indoor or social facilities in any way connected with a fishing venue must close or refer to the relevant Government guidance. Fishing tackle shops, whether onsite or not, can only operate a ‘click and collect’ service.


Travelling to fish

Whilst the government have chosen not to write their travel guidance into law we are urging anglers to respect the advice which states that it is permissible to travel in order to:

“to spend time or exercise outdoors – this should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel to do so if necessary (for example, to access an open space)”

Put simply, you can travel to go fishing but long journeys should be avoided ‘wherever possible’. Sea anglers should focus on their local beaches and fishing marks and freshwater anglers should not be travelling hundreds of miles in search of fishing during lockdown. It is up to the individual to apply common sense and act within the spirit of the government’s guidance. You absolutely cannot leave home to fish if you have Coronavirus symptoms or are self-isolating.


How long to fish

There are no limits on the time that can be spent on outdoor recreation which means that anglers are able to continue fishing into and through the hours of darkness providing the other rules are observed.


Fishery Management

Essential fishery management work, which clearly cannot be undertaken from home, can continue as can any necessary, socially distanced working parties fall within the provisions for ‘voluntary work’. Appropriate risk assessments must be in place and numbers should be sensibly managed.



This is going to be an extremely difficult period for everybody and as anglers we must recognise that we are fortunate that our chosen form of recreation can continue even though there are restrictions on what we can do. The Angling Trust made the case for fishing based on the health and wellbeing benefits that angling offers coupled with the importance of reducing pressure on other open spaces by allowing us to continue to safely enjoy the social isolation and peace that fishing brings. It is incumbent on us all to continue to act responsibly and to fish safely, fish locally and respect the Rule of Two.



“We are obviously pleased that fishing can continue during lockdown even with the restrictions that are in place which have temporarily suspended match fishing. Angling has conducted itself safely and responsibly throughout this pandemic and the Angling Trust is determined to ensure that our chosen form of outdoor recreation remains part of the solution rather than the problem. To do this anglers must continue to fish safely, locally and responsibly.” Jamie Cook, Angling Trust CEO


3rd November 2020




Current rules imply fishing by individuals with a friend on a public lake is ok.

However it is not clear about private club waters. At present it appears to be a no.

We hope to get more clarification soon.



26th October 2020




''The end is nigh''


Down to the last couple of memberships now, so applications will be taken in order of date on post mark, also put the date you post it on the back of the envelope.



21st October 2020


River Times


The end of this month sees the river off time at Fishers Green move to 8pm


Winter Time


Reminder the clocks go back this weekend Sunday morning 2am



10th October 2020




Earlier this season I raised the limit on memberships as with many anglers not working we were sending guys away. I bought an extra 100 tickets from the basic quota from both Turnford and Fishers Green. These are nearly all gone with only 11 left at present. We will start a waiting list for next season as soon as these tickets are gone.


Pike Match


The annual Forty Hall pike match for club members is Sunday 25th October.

Rules as per the Forty Hall members (yellow) card apply, please ensure you read them as general rules have been updated.

We meet at 8.30am at the disabled swim number 24.

Fishing from 9am until 2pm. Entry is £5 with winner takes all.

Remember the clocks go back earlier that morning.



7th October 2020


British Summer Time


Bear in mind you weekend overnighters the clocks go back (to GMT) on Sunday 25th October at 2am in the morning.



2nd October


Work Party Forty Hall (27th September)


A big thank you to those that turned out on Sunday.

Members from River Lea Angling, Boxers Lake Club and ours completed a big cut back along the forest bank and around the top island.



20th September 2020


Work Party Forty Hall (27th September)


Sunday 27th September a date for your diary.

Forty Hall Lake needs you for a pre-winter work party clear up and cut back.

We will meet as usual in the banqueting car park around 8.30am moving down to the lake for 9am swim 24 the disabled swim. Bring any tools you think may be of use.

A schedule of jobs is being worked on in the hope we get a good turn out. The first party after the lockdown was well attended.

Unfortunately I could not get to the locked boat and fell ill waiting and Ron was badly let down on a pick up for him and the timber for swim repairs, the second one we failed to get notification out in time.

This time we are hoping for good turn out and no hitches.

That's Forty Hall, Woodlands Lake next Sunday 27th September

Mike Smith 07989 817 316



4th September 2020


Work Party Turnford


Two dates have been set 13th September and the 20th September.

Meet in the car park between 8am - 8.30am.




1st September 2020


River Times


From the 1st (today) of this month September till the end of October the river off time is now 10pm.

That means ALL tackle out of your swim by 10pm not just packing up with rod still in. ALL OUT

The fishing has been quite good considering the low water levels, as with most anglers now the rule seams to be not to disclose their catches but there have been double figure Barbel and some big Chub along with some nice Dace.

Unfortunately there are not so many good clear swims for trotting for Silvers.

The work carried out on the river did not help with the fishing going on after the return to fishing.

Lets hope that it benefits the flow etc. in the future.




8th August 2020




We have reached the membership level that we have held for the last few years much earlier in the season than normal so the decision has been made to extend the level.

We therefore have a limited number of vacancies.

Applications for new members and renewals will be dealt with on a ''first come first served'' basis.

Mike Smith

Gen sec



1st August 2020


Work Party


Short notice sorry for that I thought I had put it on the page but obviously not.

Sunday 2nd (tomorrow) we have a work party at Forty Hall Woodlands Lake.

Usual needs plus of course social distancing which should not be a problem it went well on the previous one.

Meet around 8.30am in the banqueting car park or by the lake swim 24 if you prefer.

We will have the boat out to get to the islands.

There is a tree in the water that we hope to get out with the block and tackle and some rubbish to clear from the feeder stream.

If anyone has a petrol hedge trimmer and chain saw that would be a help (give me a call 07989 817 313) mine are not starting.

Boots, gloves, drink, mask and a hat.

Hope to see you there.




6th July 2020




There has been a bit of confusion over the membership costs.

There was a special at the start of the season for those that joined early and lost out on the first month or so at Turnford and Fishers Green.

If your membership page still shows the addition about the special at the top of the page (above the yellow and green boxes) you have to clear your internet history and cache settings to get the up to date web page.

Current membership prices are £50 and £40.



22nd June 2020


Fishery Update


Things are beginning to quieten down on the complex after the first few weeks of mayhem.

The fishing has not been fantastic but to be fair there has been so much activity there with every swim lobbing out spods and leads plus Joe public turning up for an anti-social waterside parties.

Unfortunately we have had a few rules broken resulting in long term bans, the majority seem to be by new members not reading the rules but assuming that they know how to fish and that all lakes have the same criteria of rules.

Please read your cards even if you ''know it all'' before you become the next long term ban and phone your club secretary if there is anything you are not sure of.

The gate is still an issue being left open and the number being given to friends to visit. Any misuse of the gate or the numbers will get an immediate ban, remember it is for your safety and that of your car and tackle.

Bailiffs have been very easy going with some of the minor rules but from now on everything is back to normal in that if you break a rule you pay the price.



14th June 2020


Forty Hall 5th July


We are having a work party at Woodlands lake on the 5th July.

This will be the first chance we have of clearing up the winter debris.

We will get the boat down so we can get to and work on the islands.

We really need as many hands as possible.

The virus has got well down but please bring a face mask with you.

Meet up 8am in the banqueting suite car park (that is straight past the first car park and on to the end) or 8.30am at swim 24 (the disabled swim).

If you have any suitable tools bring them along.

We will have soap and water to wash your hands before you leave and hand sanitizer but you must bring and use your own towel or tissues.


Remember Masks, Gloves, Boots or strong shoes.



13th June 2020


River Opening Update


The river season starts at sunrise on Tuesday.



16th May 2020


Opening Update


Turnford and Fishers Green are open.


The Lee Valley Parks Fishery committee have issued the following notice:


The Fishery committee have introduced the following 48 hours on the fishery then off, no moving to another lake or swim.

Anglers should wear gloves when handling the lock and gate.

You must provide for your own toileting which must be taken away with you.

No guest permits will be issued.

You must not congregate anywhere on the venue.

Do not approach any other person, always maintain the minimum government recommended distance (2m or 6 feet).

You must carry soap and water or alcohol gel (minimum 60%) to use immediately after opening gates and locks.

Do not spray any of our locks with disinfectant spray of any description.

Do not leave any gate open or unlocked.

Bailiffs will still ask to see your membership cards from a safe distance, please hold your book up, state your name and card number or ask you to bring it to the back of the swim to take a picture.

Ensure that you leave nothing at the venue.

Our bailiffs have a difficult job to do so please help them do this safely.

Always follow the Government Guidelines.

A very important part is the toileting arrangement. ALL anglers must have equipment needed and take everything away with them. Failure to comply will result in a permanent ban.


Finally, to be clear, failure to comply with any of the above, will lead to your permanent exclusion.



12th May 2020


Opening Update


Forty Hall and Boxers Lake will both be open from Wednesday 13th May.

Remember you must book your visit to Forty Hall with Ron before you go. There are limited spaces available.

Failing to book will result in a ban.


The Pits controlled by Lee Valley Parks so Turnford and Fishers Green may not open. Watch this page for info as I get it.


Below is the latest from the Lea Valley Parks


"Keeping our visitors and staff is our top priority.

We're currently assessing the Prime Minister's statement and the latest advice to see how we can start to get some of our sports and leisure venues open. But we will only do this if we can do it safely.

Please bear with us and we'll update you as soon as we have any information."



10th May 2020


Closure Update


It looks like we will be back in business on Wednesday not certain yet so keep watching this page.



10th April 2020


Closure Update


I am still getting phone calls re the closure of all fishing.

There are NO exceptions until this web page shows the opening.



Fishers Green


As to the reduced rate public car park ticket from me. I do not know at this stage what will happen refund or extended expiry date or nothing as it is out of my hand. It will be Lea Valley Parks and Parking Eye to sort out.

At present I understand nothing has changed so beware the final date of your permit.

The gate to our car parks is closed as they are part of our lease that is at present closed.



6th April 2020


Pike Fishing Enquiry


I got this enquiry from a student wanting help. If you want to follow it up feel free.


"Predator fishing is a wildly popular branch of our sport in the UK with many specialist predator anglers and clubs.

UK anglers use a variety of natural and artificial baits in our hobby, but this attitude is not shared across the globe with many areas such as the US preferring to solely use artificial lures.

The reason for these differences in methods is unclear. Consequently, as part of my masters course at the University of Durham, I have chosen to study the attitudes of UK freshwater predator anglers towards both natural and artificial baits. I hope to reveal the most popular predator baits as well as why anglers use them. I'm also interested in whether the use of natural dead baits has any significant impact on our native stocks of bait species such as lamprey.

In order to do this I need to conduct telephone questionnaires with anglers so that they can express their opinion.

The phone questionnaire will be short, and completely confidential. If any predator anglers are willing to help I'd be really grateful if they could contact me at"


Many thanks

Atticus Albright



24th March 2020


Update On Closure


Varying messages from fishery owners landlords etc. are coming through along with one decisive one from the Angling Trust.

Hollows have decided to close all our fisheries until further notice.

While some fisheries are saying they are open, the government was clear that travel was to exercise and fishing does not come under that heading.

Come the weekend it looks like police will have powers to fine anyone in breach of regulations.

Hopefully this will change at the end of the 12 week period of current travel restrictions.

The Angling Trust are sending a letter requesting a change to include fishing but I don't hold much hope, if any.

Keep watching this site and our Facebook page.

Take the opportunity to repair clean and even design and make some.



23rd March 2020


Virus update


All of our lakes at present remain open.

However in line with latest regulations no more than two persons must be together, so one angler per swim to play safe.

Any change will be notified as soon as it happens.

Keep safe 2 metres apart from people not in your household.



19th March 2020


Work Party


Reminder this Saturday there is a work park at Fishers Green.

Meet in the power station car park 8.30am.



17th March 2020


Rivers Closed


Our two rivers, Fishers Green and the Old Lea, are now closed until Tuesday 16th June.

Any questions email

This Saturday is a work party at Fishers Green.

Meet in the power station car park at 8.30am.



8th March 2020




A 38lbs+ has come out of Railway and reports are of fish feeding.

No more info yet.


Work Party Sunday


Don't forget this coming Sunday 15th there is a work party and your chance to get a free membership.



3rd March 2020


Work Party Sunday


We have on Sunday 15th a work party at Turnford.


After the last work party turn out I am hoping for a better result this time. If not I will have to look at going down the route of other clubs and imposing an extra levy (anything up to £40).

I turned out having had chemo that week and needing to be back in hospital for chemo the next day.

It did not make me proud of my membership.

With memberships for next season starting soon there will be decisions to be made urgently.


The usual rules apply:

Out of your swim by 7.30am.

Unless you are working on the party in which case see Stu Clinton and if he agrees you can leave your gear all in your bivvy and help on the party.

This will be at your own risk but means you can keep your swim.

Meet up 8am/8.30am in the car park.

Take your Hollow photo card with you and show to me (health permitting ) or Stu to enter the Hollow only free raffle.

Tools if you have them especially shears, scythes etc.



29th February 2020


Fishers Green


Bittern Hide

The work on the Bittern hide is now not going to start until the 23rd March.

This means that we will have the end of the river season free of disruption but on a down side the work will still be ongoing after the new season starts.

See the 6th February entry below for expected path closures.


Work Party

The first of this seasons work parties are a double Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March, giving a chance for those that are busy on Sundays.



19th February 2020


Turnford Work Party


This Sunday 23rd we have a work party.

The complex will shut at 7am and you must either be off or if you have been over nighting you can put your gear in your bivvy and leave it at your own risk and join the work party.

Please bring your Turnford card and either Stu Clinton or I will photo it and you will be recorded as attending.



12 February 2020


River Close Season


Last day of fishing Saturday on 14th March.

That means there are only four and a half weeks of the river season left from today.

This affects the rivers at Fishers Green, from top to bottom and the relief from weir to Stubbins public car park also the Old River in Waltham Abbey.

All lakes and pits are open - Fishers Green, Turnford and Forty Hall.



6th February 2020


Fishers Green


There will be significant disruption along lengths of the river over the next few week as the river restoration work and also the building of the New Bitten hide will be undertaken.

This is obviously going to raise some comments from a few anglers but hopefully they can see that some short term disruption for the rest of this season will be for the long term benefit to the river.

The river restoration will include a bank reinforcement on the first bend up from the Bailey Bridge and instream groynes along the straight between the top car park and pylon bend plus tree and instream groynes at the very top of our section.

Some temporary path closures will be needed. This work will only be carried out during the working week so weekend all will be fishable.

This part of the works will be for approx. 6 to 8 weeks and starts from the end of next week.

There will be contractors equipment taking up some parking places in both the middle and top car parks.


The new bitten hide will be approx. 16 weeks in demolition and construction of the new one and will result in longer term path closures particularly the foot path from the bitten hide upstream to the path fork from the river around Seventy Acre which will be an access route for construction traffic.

There equipment will take up some of the public car park by the toilets.

This work is scheduled to start from the 9th March so much of the heavy equipment etc. will be after the season has closed.





25 January 2020


River Lea


Bailiff report shows a 14ls 10oz Barbel from the river last week.

There have been several good Barbel and Chub banked in the last few weeks.

With only seven, yes that's right seven, weeks left of the river season it is now or never to get your personal best.

Even the weather is on our side with no real cold evenings and the odd small flood with coloured water.



14 January 2020


End Of Season Deal


For all new members and old ones not joined this season.

Deal is pay for next season now and you will get the end of this season thrown in for free.

Fourteen and a half months for £50 can't be bad.

Fill in an application form as normal but clearly mark on the top ''End of season deal''.

Queries call me on 07989 817 316

We only have a certain number of places on offer when our allotted permits run out that's it.


What You Can Hope For


Get out with this mild Winter and give it a go.

Barbel of 16.3lbs and 16.6lbs plus many more not so heavy and some very good Chub.

Turnford is now fully open the water is right back up in Railway.

The roadway swims on Railway have all been enlarged and made two tier.

Look at Facebook ''Slipe Lane Pits'' for nice Pike from Railway.

Lea Pit has been fished more whilst Railway was closed with a 40lbs topping the list of Carp banked.



10 January 2020


Railway Pit


The Pit is open from this weekend swim 2 is closed at the moment but should be finished on Monday.

Anyone willing to give Ben a hand will be welcome.






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