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Membership renewal time is nigh. The grim reaper wants your money.


20th March 2019


 Fishers green parking ticket


I did not make it clear in the Bankside magazine about payment.

The money is not collected by me .

I need an e mail from you with Your full name, your FG membership number 2019/20, your address, your car reg number, your phone number and your best e mail contact number

I then send this off to the park they ok it and send it to Parking eye.

You then get an e mail telling you how to pay and after normally 5/7 days you are clear to go.

Not a sensible way to do it but we had no control in it only glad we got a £30 reduction


 Fishers green half marathan fun run


This Sunday 24th there is a fun run starting in the showground and if it follows the usual route it will include the west bank up to the bailey across then up to the weir on east side of the river across to the channel and down .

As the river is closed now it should not affect us unless anyone is on a scouting mission.

Don't forget the work party on Saturday

Also renewal time looms I have 72 already with 11 days still to go.



LAA ticket


The link to the LAA application form on the Membership page is wrong and I can not find the link I used to load it so please use the one I sent out with the newsletter or give me a call




19th March 2019


 Work Party Fishers green


 The first work party at the green will be this coming Saturday 23rd March

Meet first car park inside our gate 8.30 am

Usual - any tools you think may be of help.


Membership renewals


 Further to my earlier message I have spent another five hours while having chemo in hospital trying to get in touch with members using different options on their addresses all to no avail. I was not feeling on top of the world and 5 hours wasted did not help

Please print clear even e mail addresses in print not lowercase, we all know it is lowercase when sdending.

Full stops  should be big and bold, Hyphens [-] and underscores [_] clear

If you did not get the e mail e mail me so I can deal




15th March 2019


Weekend Work Party


 I hope to see a good turnout on Sunday especially from those of you I see on the bailiff paperwork fishing it this year.





I have sent out a magazine and notification of renewal etc., if you have not got this e mail it is either because you have closed your e mail address or I could not read your writing, either way get in touch with me if you want to renew.




11th March 2019


Weekend Work Party


We are at it again this Sunday all effort into Turnford.

Your host for the day will be big Stu Clinton our head bailiff / fishery manager.

Make yourself known to him tell him your name, rank and serial number (Joke for those of us of a more senior age, and if you do remember this then you are older than you like to admit) should be name and club.

I hope to be there look out for a little funny greeny coloured Suzuki.

As usual decent shoes or boots and any tools you may have.

Meet 8.30am finish around noon.

All ages and abilities catered for.



25th February 2019


Weekend Work Parties


A big thank you the guys that turned out for the work parties at the weekend. The reports from both head bailiffs were very good, better than the usual response.


Sorry that I could not make the Turnford one but I overdid it Saturday with Forty Hall work party and then in the afternoon was silly enough to take the granddaughters out to the park.



19th February 2019


Weekend Work Parties


We have the option of two work parties to choose from or you can do both if you fancy it, I hope to be at both.


Saturday is Forty hall and Sunday is Turnford.


Both start at 8.30am until around 12 noon.


Forty Hall info is below in 15th February posting.


Turnford rules are all anglers fishing over Saturday night are to be out of their swims by 7.30am.


No power tools are allowed but please bring any tools you may have that you think will be useful.


Make yourself known to me but book in with our Head Bailiff/Fishery Manager Stu Clinton.


Simple rule -  get there -  get stuck in - talk while you work, not  while leaning on the spade - get home to 'she that must be obeyed'.



15th February 2019


Work Party


Saturday week the 23rd Feb we have a work party at Forty Hall.


Weather permitting we will get the boat down to the lake as we have some trimming to do.


A fair bit around the islands and a few branches to remove from the big tree on the left of swim 24 (disabled).


There is also one platform to be repaired.


This is really important work to be done so we  need as much help as we can get.


Any tools you may have will be a help.


At this fishery we can use power tools unlike most others.


Meet up in the banqueting car park between 8am and 8.30am we will then go down to the lake.


Normally finish around 12 noon.


(for first timers the banqueting car park is straight on past the public car park to the end turn left and the car park is in front of you).


1st February 2019


Membership Deal


For any new member wanting to join we are doing the last two months of this season for free in with the cost of the 2019/20 season.


So that means you get now until the 31st March 2020 for either £50 or £40 depending on the type of ticket.


Ring either Mike 07989 817 316 or 0208 505 3215 or Derek on 07951 738 062.


Go to the membership page for an application form.


Boat Storage


We may be in need of a storage ground for a 12 foot boat on it's trailer as we may have to move it from Forty Hall.


We are not sure yet but it would be nice to have a contingency plan ready.


Ring Mike on 0208 505 3215 or 07989 817 316


8th January 2019


Work Party - Thursday 10th January


This Thursday sees the midweek work party that we have been asked to arrange for those that work Sundays or get dragged around the shops.

Meet up around 8am in the top car park.

Usual clothing and any tools you may have for the work.

The intention is to cut trees in the water from the boat and pull them ashore, this is where we come in on the end of the ropes.

If you have a pulley, block and tackle or a winch of any sort this will be really good to have.

Finish up around midday.

So it is a case of get there get started, be about 9am push on no stopping clear up and away at noon 3 hours job done.

More details in post below.

See you there.



2nd January 2019


New Year


Welcome everyone to the new year.

Lets hope for a better weather cycle for this year giving us better water levels and having seen the Barbel activity over the cleaned gravel carried out early last year (2018) and the re-profiled water flow area a natural spawning from the Barbel. The roach, dace and chub seem to have had their bit of fun as confirmed by the fry in the river.


Lets start with a good show on the work party front. Thursday 10th January. As I said members have asked for mid week parties so we have started with Thursday 10th January, that's Thursday week at Fishers Green.

We have got the parks boat out on the ocean waves up at the top section clearing some of the fallen trees. Should we get plenty of help we also have others lower down.


The Parks, not the Fisheries team, have apparently got some money in the budget for the river and have stated that they are intending sorting out trees from the bailey downstream. We will be pushing to see just what they have in mind and get some control over the work.


The date for your diary is:-


Thursday 10th January. Meet in the top car park at 8am.


Bring any tools you may have, gloves and suitable boots etc.


Don't forget the extra Weetabix to start the day.


The main work will be pulling ashore branches cut by those in the boat.

If anyone has a winch, block and tackle etc. this would be great making things so much easier and cuicker.

Work for members of all abilities, whether old or disabled (I qualify on both accounts).


Hoping to see you there any questions give me a call - 020 8505 3215  or  07989 817 316


Once again Happy new year




23rd December 2018


New Record Barbel


The new record for the Fishers green stretch is thanks to Rob Dowsett 17lbs 11ozs.

A truly magnificent fish in perfect condition.

There have been a good number of double figure fish this season despite the lowest water levels for several years.

Chub over 6lbs and up to 8lbs+ have also been putting in their appearance.

All in all this season is not turning out the way we thought it was heading with the hot dry summer and very low water levels.


16 December 2018


Work Party


A heads up about a midweek work party lined up for Fishers Green.

Many of you have said you can not make the weekend ones but would be on for a midweek one so here is one for you.

Thursday 10th January

More info nearer the time but put it in your diary.

We need a good turnout, we have arranged the boat from the Parks so we can cut trees in the water and with ropes and pulleys get them ashore and cut up.


British Telecom League


A belated well done to the lads in our TEAM HOLLOW.

Fishing the British Telecom league they won for the second time in four years.

The league is fished over six matches three south of the river and three north.

Eight teams of six fished throughout the season with points awarded on sections on each match.

We first entered the league back in 2015 and won much to the annoyance of one team that had been top dogs for several years.

In 2016  and again in 2017 we ended up second after some iffy recounting of the scoring.

Now in 2018 we won a clear victory.

Our member Gary McClair found fame (as if he did not have it already) by winning the overall individual first place.

Well done again to team made up of - Captain Keith White, Gary McClair, Geoff Penny, Marc Smith, Tony Smith, Paul Solen, Stephan Daniels and Stephan Childs.


30th November 2018


Black Friday Deal £30 Membership


I don't see why we should not join in, so we are offering new members an end of season reduced rate membership.

I have had several phone calls from old members, that have yet to fish this year for whatever reason, about joining for the winter season especially for the Fishers Green complex.

So we are including them.

From now for 4 months to the end of this season (March 2019) it is £30


25th November 2018


Consortium Pike Match


Six members from Hollows turned up for the pike match no other clubs showed up.

Eric Kaphalas on his first visit to Forty Hall put us all to shame catching the only two Pike of the day.

As Freddie says "I am happy to have come second."

Freddie Jones, Michael Garrett, Chris Medcalf, Ron Sears, Mike Smith and not forgetting Eric Kaphalas (even if five of us would like to).

Two fish caught from the same place within 10 minutes of each other, who says Pike are not a shoal fish.

Well done Eric 5lbs 3ozs and 4lbs 9ozs.


24th November 2018


Pike Match


This Sunday 25th at Woodlands Lake.

Meet 8.30am at swim 24.

Fish 9am to 2pm.

£5 entry and the winner takes all.

It is a fun day.


7th November 2018




We have a work party this Sunday 11th November.

Start/Meet in the car park at 8.30am and finish around midday.

See below for special deal for those willing to work.

Stu will be there make sure you book in with him.


Railway Pit


We have kept an eye on it and with the agreement of all the clubs and the LVPRA I am glad to say It will be open from Monday 12th November.

The level is still not up to what we would like but with care it is fishable.


We have the work party on Sunday and for those wishing to be first as a reward for working we will have a draw for swims after the party around noon and you will be allowed to fish from then and through the night onwards before the official opening.


15th October 2018


Railway Pit


We are keeping an eye on the levels in Railway in the hope that the recent rain finds its' self into the pit and not just run off over the dry ground into the river.

As soon as LVRPA say they are happy that the danger of anglers falling in etc has passed we will check on the ease of returning fish and let you all know.


2nd October  2018


Boot Pit Summer Brolly Rule


From the start of this month the brolly rule on Boot pit is over. You can now 'wrap up' to your hearts content until 31st March 2019.


13th September  2018


Railway Pit


Reports are coming in of someone sneaking over at night and fishing Railway Pit while the ban is still in force.

The ban was not imposed lightly the welfare of the fish being most important both now and for the future of the sport.

No one wants to see it closed but all the regulars appreciate the need and support the ban.

The Consortium will push for a lifetime ban to Turnford on anyone caught fishing.

As this water is a joint management with the LVRPA a ban on all Lea Valley waters may follow.

All clubs in the consortium will refuse membership to any offenders.

Hollow Angling Society is a well respected society in London and the South East of England.

If the 'poacher' turns out to be a society member all clubs around will be notified  and a total  ban requested.

Sorry to go on but it is a kick in the 'you no what's' to all those obeying the closure.


On a lighter note I have had a whisper that a 45lb fish has been banked from Lea Pit. Some very larger fish (no clue on weight ) have been taken from Marsh Pit.


2nd September  2018


Railway Pit


Unfortunately we have not yet had enough rain to bring the level up to a satisfactory level.

Our Fishery manager along with with all the clubs involved and the  the LVRPA fishery are constantly checking the levels and will open it when the levels are safe to land fish and return them.


Woodlands Lake


Our Head bailiff Ron reports that the water levels on the lake are OK and for the last month fish have been showing all over.

The top reported fish banked this year has topped pot at 21lbs.

Remember to fish you phone Ron ( number on your card). You don't book a specific swim just that you are there.


12th August 2018


Woodlands Work Party 19th August


We have a work party next Sunday 19th.

Usual things any tools you think may be helpful.

Meet up in banqueting car park at 8.30am or by swim 24 (disabled swim) at 9am.

If someone has a tow bar we want to get the boat down to the lake ( only a row type boat very light ) give Ron a bell to sort it out.

Work parties are one of the best ways of finding out about a fishery as those on most work parties are regular anglers on the water.

Ron will be there a wealth of knowledge on the lake.

Take a bit of gear and fish after the party finishes usually noon.

Rod, reel, rod rests, small tin of float or ledger gear, landing net, mat, bag of sweet corn (no tins ) or bread, chair or sit on your mat.

Many anglers make the mistake of too much gear, travel light.

You can put your saws etc. plus tackle in the boat on the way down if you meet in the car park 8.30am.


5th August  2018


Turnford Work Party 12th August


This coming Sunday 12th it is not on the card but due to the excessive growth we are putting this one in.

Report in to Stu on arrival we start at 8.30am and finish up at 12 noon.

If the sun is still gracing us plenty of water, sun cream, plenty of water, gloves, plenty of water, hat, plenty of water.

Seriously having been ill recently through not drinking I can not stress it enough.


4th August 2018


Woodlands Work Party 19th August


We have a work party on Sunday 19th August.

Usual things any tools you think may be helpful.

If the sun is still gracing us plenty of water, sun cream, plenty of water, gloves, plenty of water, hat, plenty of water.

Seriously having been ill recently through not drinking I can not stress it enough.


26th July  2018


Railway Pit Closure


We have seen fish suffering in the heat so the committee has taken the decision to close fishing on Railway until the weather situation improves.

For change in the situation watch this web page.


23rd July  2018


Marsh Pit Work Party


We have called for help on Sunday 12th August.

Little work has been done on Marsh for several years so it has got rather overgrown which with the big fish in there is a pity.

Meet up in the car park at 8.30am.

Any tools you have will be good, loppers, saws, heavy slashers, we will have a few.


10th July 2018


Revised Bank Closures Fishers Green


In the prevailing conditions, low water, with reduced oxygen levels, fish will need a significant recovery time so please do not fish any high bank where you can not safely get down to the water (where you are actually fishing ) and comfortably hold the fish facing upstream for as long as it takes to recover and swim powerfully away.


The bank closures include most of the field side bank where you can not safely get down to the water.

From the top car park down to the Bailey Bridge and beyond to the wooden fencing at the next bend downstream.

Also the high bank on the road side from the Bailey Bridge upstream to the first bend.


7th July  2018


Fishers Green


Keep checking the Fishers Green website for current river conditions in this hot weather               Keep checking the Fishers Green website for current river conditions in this hot weather


2nd July  2018


Stubbins Hall Lane Closure


From Thursday evening 8pm until Friday morning 5am the road will be closed.

This means that if you are intending to fish on Thursday you must leave by 8pm or you will be trapped in until Friday morning 5am.

This is to enable resurfacing of the road by contractors.


River Bank Closures


From now until further notice two sections of high bank are closed.

This decision has been not taken lightly but the welfare of the fish especially the Barbel has to be the main concern.

The problem is that after catching a fish it is not possible to get back to the low water level to hold the fish heads up to recover, using a landing net does not control how a fish is lying in the current and when it is strong enough to be released


The sections are :-


From the Bailey Bridge upstream to the LAA stretch, on the field side (West Bank)


From the Bailey Bridge down to the wooden fencing, on the pedestrian path side (West Bank)


Just to clarify both of these are on the opposite side to our roadway, if in doubt please use the phone number on the front of your card.


Keep an eye both on the bank for notices and on this site for info as to when this unfortunate but necessary closure is removed.


When fishing areas with gravel bed in front of you please be careful of bringing a fighting fish over water less than around 10" as immense damage can occur to their slim and scales allowing infection in the future, we have in the past needed to close some of these section due to low water.


Lets all pray for rain.


21st June 2018


Fishers Green River Walk Report


Tour of the River 9th June Report


On Saturday the 9th Eric Whorne our Head bailiff at Fishers Green along with Senior bailiff Daren Poole took time out to conduct a tour of the river sharing their combined 90 years of knowledge about the rive.

We anticipated a few more than last years  but we were so encouraged by around 45 members showing up.

Eric and Daren identified many fish holding areas along with how to attract the inhabitants mainly Barbel and Chub although Dace were talked about, this included what baits to use and end tackle to use at differing times of the day, water levels and light levels.

Enthusiasm shown by the  members with their questions was very encouraging for Eric and Daren proving their time was not wasted.

Thanks from members on the day and via e mail after was very encouraging for the two guys.

At this point I think it is important to highlight the fact that all our small band of volunteer bailiffs give up their time when they could be fishing to police the fishery throughout the year  for the benefit of the membership.

A big thank you to the two from the Committee of the Consortium

If enough interest comes in via the e mail we will try and encourage the guys to do another tour late autumn early winter to get a different view and approach to fishing the river with it's winter coat on.

Please let me know by phone or email via the address below

Mike Smith

or text on

07989 817 316


3rd June 2018


River Walk Fishers Green This Saturday 9th June


Getting ready for the new season on the river we have again arranged  a ''Walk The River'' with some of the long standing well informed bailiffs.

This guided tour is aimed at all members old and new, guests and anglers thinking of joining one of the clubs in the Consortium.


Our Head Bailiff Eric Whorne and Fishery Manager Paul White will again be in attendance along with some of our Bailiffs.

These guys have known and fished the river for many years and are very willing to pass on their knowledge of where and how to find the fish.

On show will be the area of gravel pressure washed by the EA in April this year where barbel where seen only a couple of days later looking for spawning areas.


Last year following the walkabout at the same time of the year several members not only found more fish but also reported that they had increased their PB.


If you would like to find out how and where to fish the river, '' be there to win it ''.


Meet up in the middle car park at 9am.

Polaroid glasses are a good bet.


Forty Hall Work Party This Sunday 10th


This Sunday sees a work party at Woodlands lake with the better weather we aim to get the boat out to get some work done around the islands.

Your help really is needed, all abilities catered for everything from trimming to simple litter picking.


The Head Bailiff has reported plenty of carp showing and being caught most days.

Booking still applies ring Ron on 07701 356 895.


9th May 2018


Forty Hall Day


We have the lake to ourselves this Sunday 13th.

Ron our bailiff is arranging a friendly match.

We will meet by the disabled swim (24) at 8am and fish from 9am to 2pm.

Give him a call on 07701 356 895 for more info.


1st May 2018


Fishers Green Car Parking Update


Our two car parks after our combination locked gate will remain free to our members


We are told that the £20 season ticket will operate from today with members applying online via the society for enrolment of a car registration number.

At present I am still waiting for the form online to be sent.

Will keep you updated but in the mean time use or car parks.


Our two car parks after our combination locked gate will remain free to our members


21st April 2018


Membership Renewal


Membership renewals are now well underway.

I have fielded several phone calls about payment etc., mainly due to no cheques available.

Some banks do not issue cheque books now.

Contact with the bank will result in a cheque issued by the bank, but this does mean visiting your branch.

An alternative is a postal order but again it means a visit to a local Post office (Sub POs are usually best).

Another alternative is to use a friends cheque (please put your name on the back).


If either of these options is a no go we can take cash but not in the post

A phone call must be made to one of the numbers at the bottom of the Application form to arrange a time to call and pay

The membership package can then be collected on the spot.


Fishers Green Car Parking Update


 Our two car parks after our combination locked gate will remain free to our members


We are still waiting to hear just how the system will work.

At present it is proposed that anglers can either pay £2.50 a day  or get a season ticket at £20 to use the car park at the bottom of Fishers green lane or the public car park at Stubbins hall lane.

The Consortium is still not satisfied with this and the Secretary is fighting for a better deal.

As we know more we will let you know, watch this space ! !


Our two car parks after our combination locked gate will remain free to our members


16th April 2018


Match Group Dinner 20th April ''CANCELLED''


Quick reminder the free meal for the match group this Friday 20th April has been cancelled.

Alternative arrangements may be made, any suggestions please phone Mike.


14th April 2018


Work Party Tomorrow Sunday 15th


Last minute reminder we have a work party at Forty Hall tomorrow morning.

Meet 8.30am at the banqueting suite.

That is go passed the car park to the end of the lane.

See you there.



12th April 2018


Match Group Dinner 20th April ''CANCELLED''


Due to the number of guys that could not make it, we have cancelled the evening.

Alternative arrangements will be made, any suggestions please phone Mike.


Work Party Forty Hall


There is a work party this Sunday at Forty Hall.

Hopefully we can get the boat down which will allow us to get at the trees that have come down from the island.

Usual needs - Boots, gloves any garden tools that may be of help.


LAA Membership


I have at last sorted the reduced price membership tickets.

I have already taken money for these from some members at last years prices.

Due to me not paying attention at the LAA AGM the prices were increased.

However the club will keep the prices at 2017 / 18 level for the moment.

These are:


Senior ticket £36 instead of £49 (Saving £13)

Partners £52 instead of £70 (Saving £15)

OAP & Disabled £23 instead of £30 (Saving £7)


If you are applying for a LAA ticket go to the MEMBERSHIP page click on the green box at the top of the page and print off a copy and cross out the new prices shown on the application form and insert the price shown above.


5th April 2018


Work Party Turnford


There is a work party this Sunday (8th April) at Turnford. We had a few turn out on the last party but not enough.

Can you please try and help out. Nearly all of the other clubs in the consortium either make an extra charge (up to £40) to members that do not do a work party, one club even says two work parties or you will not be allowed to rejoin the next year.

We are the only club that relies on members good will, so please try to attend. I don't want to be like other clubs.

Bring the usual things - gloves and any tools you think may help. We hope to have some gravel and more timber ready 🙂🙂🙂


Membership 2018 / 19

I have at last got the new handbooks from the printers so it is full steam ahead with renewals.

Go to the MEMBERSHIP page click on the yellow box at the top and print off a copy of the form.

Fill it in and with a cheque (or postal order) plus your old membership card send it to the address on the bottom of the form.

You will receive your new set of cards with new combination numbers, handbook and photo card shortly after.

If you prefer to pay cash phone one of the two numbers at the bottom of the form for details.






28th March 2018


Tales From The Riverbank


Yes that means Steve is back.

Go to the ''Tales'' page.




23rd March 2018


Work Party This Sunday Coming Turnford


Meet 8.30am in the car park.

Please try and make it if you can.

For those of you of my generation that may remember.






20th March 2018


Work Party This Sunday Coming Turnford


The party at Turnford last Sunday did not happen the snow weather forecast ( not true in the end ) keeping members at home.

We have arranged one for this coming Sunday.

The one at Fishers green planned for Sunday is cancelled due a fun run ( see fishers green web site ) taking place.

Please try and support it especially those names I see regularly on the Bailiff reports.

With membership at £50 ( £40 concessions, £10 12-16 year olds) there is not enough in the pot to pay a contractor to keep your swims open.


18th March 2018


Car Parking At Fishers Green


A few members have requested clarification on the parking at the Green.


At the Stubbins Hall Lane entrance

As you enter the camera reads your number plate.

If you then go into the public park and stay you have one hour before you are charged.

If you proceed through the public park over the road bridge and through our combination locked gate a second camera reads your plate and you will not get charged.


At the Fishers Green Lane entrance

Unfortunately at present there is no concession to members on parking.

As you enter the car park your number plate will be read and you have only one ( 1 ) hour free parking.



The cameras read in and out and tickets for charges are generated automatically.

This means you will not get one hour ''static parking'' but one hour between triggering the camera in and out.


Updates to this will appear on this page as they are announced.


15th March 2018


River Close Season


A quick heads up to save confusion the river close season imposed by law and enforced by the Environment Agency started at midnight last night.

The river will be patrolled by our bailiffs and there will be visits by the E A bailiffs.

The fines imposed in a court of law are getting bigger every year and a criminal record follows.

Please don't chance it, fish the pits and lakes that are open.

Remember the close season is 15th to 15th inclusive.


12th March 2018


Work Party Turnford Next Sunday


Our Second work party at Turnford this  year will be on Sunday 18th.

If you are doing an overnighter you must be out of your swim all cleared up by 8am.

No excuses. I've overslept or thought it was just rods in, It is completely out of the swim.

Don't let the club down I think we are the only club with a clean record on this rule.

If you intend staying for the work party and fishing on after you can reel in pack your gear clear so any work on that swim can be done  informing Stu of your intentions and booking in.

Materials are ready for swim repairs.

If you have any suitable tools for building work or tree work please bring them along .

Stu Clinton our head bailiff for Turnford will be there and in charge please book in with him, Club name, Your name, and membership number.


26th February 2018


Parking at Fishers Green


Below is a copy of the reply to us from Gary Smith the head of the Lea Valley Regional Parks Fisheries Department.

Gary is not responsible for anything to do with the new charges he is fighting for our access so please do not contact him, the contact points are listed below.


As Iíve spoken to many of you over the last few days and promised some facts this is officially all I have been informed at this point in time.


Fishers Green


  1. Cameras: 1st Camera logs vehicle moment in of all,  2nd Camera logs movement of Anglers vehicles: FGC members, N.Met Pit Members. Plus Environment Agency Staff, HMWT, Wildlife rescue, Parks Patrol, Contractors, and all visitors to the National Grid. 3rd Camera logs all movement of visitors to F/Green Sailing Club, therefore any vehicles not appearing on cameras 2 & 3 will be charged as they will be logged as using the main car park.


  1. I am told we shall explore the secondary/inner car park option inside the anglers gate, however I am certain this will need a planning application to both EFDC and Natural England, therefore will take a time to process.


  1. Unfortunately all vehicles going into the main Fishers Green Car Park (see 1) will be charged after one hour commencing 9th March 2018


  1. This applies anytime during any 24 hour period.


Hooks Marsh


  1. I am currently in contact with the Corporation of London regarding the use of the Police Pit Car Park at the bottom right of Fishers Green Lane.


  1. I am told there may be the option to explore the possibility of using a section of Chapmans Field on Left hand side going down Fishers Green Lane however this as in 2) will require planning permission. Unfortunately I start from this point in time in regard to submission of the relevant planning applications which shall require both assistance and cooperation from others within the Authority.


Finally if any persons approach you regarding information or how to make submission of a complaint, this is where these should be directed: or Tel: 03000 030 610


18th February 2018




At last the Fishers Green footbridge at the picnic area is at last open.


12th February 2018


Work Party Turnford


Our first work party  in February will be at Turnford on Sunday 25th.

If you are doing an overnighter you must be out of your swim all cleared up by 8am.

'No excuses I've overslept, or thought it was just rods in. It is completely out of the swim.

Don't let the club down I think we are the only club with a clean record on this rule.

Materials are ready for swim repairs.

If you have any suitable tools for building work or tree work please bring them along.

Stu Clinton, our head bailiff for Turnford, will be there and in charge. Please book in with him, club name, your name and membership number.


Work Party Fishers Green


Our first work party in March 2018 at the Green will be the the weekend of Saturday 24th and Sunday25th.

This is open to all members

Remember it is your responsibility to book in with the The Fishery Manager   giving your name, club and club number

As always we do need members to muck in and give a hand, this may be litter picking through to cutting up timbers

The Fishery Manager will have a list of jobs to do to suit members of all abilities

Tools will be available but bring any tools you have that you think may be of use

Please don't attend if all you want to do is stand around and talk distracting working guys.

More details will appear nearer the time but please make a note of the dates in your diary or being more with it on your mobiles with reminders leading up to either date.





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