Hollow Angling Society is a small friendly fishing club formed 35 years ago in 1985 by a group of local anglers keen to promote the sport of angling and in particular improve the Hollow Ponds situated opposite Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone. The ponds were leased from the Corporation of London and Epping Forest along with two other waters, namely Connaught Waters and Highams Park Lake, were also incorporated into the plan.

Once started the club then looked for more waters and took on the lease of Hainault Lake in Hainault Country Park from Redbridge Borough Council and leased a small pond and a stretch of the River Roding at Passingford from the farmer.

The Hollow Ponds and the Passingford pond were stocked, the fishing improved and the club grew.

A coach was purchased and regular trips were made for friendly in club matches further a field. Since those early days many things have changed both in the personal status of members and dramatically in the way we fish. Gone is the coach in preference for own cars and tackle boxes with adjustable chairs now replace the ex-army back packs and picnic chairs that were our trade mark in those days.

Apart from those that have moved most of the original band are still members, unfortunately our founder and Chairman Terry sadly passed away early in 2014.

We joined a group of clubs in the Turnford Angling Consortium in Hertfordshire between Cheshunt and Broxbourne giving members access to a very expensive fishery that is considered by those in the know to be the best four lake complex in the Lea valley area.

Early in 2004 we took on a lease on a small estate lake near Epping and this has proved popular with our members.

Also in that year we obtained a limited number of tickets for a section of the Lea Relief channel between Waltham Abbey and Waltham Cross.

The original Epping Forest lakes are no longer part of our portfolio as all lakes in the forest have reverted back to forest control.

In 2007 due to rising costs and lack of use by our members we decided to relinquish the lease on the River Roding from 2008.

From the 2008/2009 season we no longer have Hainault Lake as one of our waters.

At the beginning of 2010 Cemex had refused the increase to £20,000 (Annual) asked for by Lee Valley Regional Park Authority for the lease on Fishers Green complex, so the waters were put out to tender.


We got together with a few other clubs all in the area and formed the Fishers Green Consortium to bid for the lease.


We won the lease and now have The River Lea, The Langridge Relief Channel, Seventy Acre Lake, Hooks Marsh, part of Langridge Pit and the top of Cornmill Stream amongst our portfolio of fisheries.


At the start of 2011 we joined four other clubs in the Enfield Angling Council consortium giving fishing on Woodlands Lake in Forty Hall Enfield. This is a traditional estate lake of 30 swims, some 300 yards long set in woods it is a very natural setting.


At the start of 2011 we also took associate membership of Palmers Green Angling Society giving fishing on the only stretch of the New River where fishing is allowed from the weir at Ware down to the Broadmead pumping station.


At the start of 2012 we joined the Waltham Abbey Consortium giving fishing on the Old River Lea that runs from the weir just below Fishers Green down to the roundabout at Abbey view the ring road skirting Waltham Abbey. This is a small but totally natural section of river that lends itself to a bit of traditional trotting with light tackle.


After severe pollution and problems with water levels we have been forced to give up Passingford Pond.


This means we have a portfolio of nine still waters, and six rivers. Eight are open 24 hours a day all year round, one is open daylight hours all year round. The rivers are open with the traditional closed season.


With all of our fisheries for members only and the membership level controlled annually by the committee, there is always plenty of room on our fisheries for members.


There is a Facebook page for members to communicate amongst themselves.

E-mail updates are sent out to members in the form of Bankside Online keeping everyone up to date with events.

Updates for general viewing appear on the News page of the web site.

Our members have free fishing on all our waters. Members are encouraged to offer advice and information on our fisheries as we are proud of our waters which we endeavour to keep looking good and fishing well.

A team of seven bailiffs patrol our fisheries some of which are in locked areas.

With our long standing fisheries and new ones we now have fishing for all tastes, and fish include:-  

Carp up to 42lbs  Pike up to 31lbs Tench up to 12lbs
Roach up to 2½lbs Rudd up to 2½lbs Perch up to 4½lbs
Koi up to 14lbs Crucians up to 3½lbs Catfish 50lbs

Brown Trout up to 2lbs

Chub up to 9lbs Rainbow Trout up to 4lbs

Dace up to 1lb

Bream up to 12lbs

Eel up to 7lbs

Enormous Gudgeon


Barbel up to 16lbs




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